And now a commercial Endorsement from a celebrity: Big Ben.

 Ze pope

Papa says:
“Ernest Bazanye is good funny-book maker. Ven you buy zis book he make, it feel nice! Ja! Book available at Nandos and it again available at Blitz Video and it again gon’ be available at Cleo’s Video Lib because Cleo’s Video Lib is very cool place.”

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Furthermore, Papa says, “Alvays remember to say prayer and no sinning, okay?”

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  1. Some self promotion for myself too.Check out my blog at hope it aint ur “worst idea”……

  2. What sin? You don’t think The Pope enjoys reading a good book once in a while?

    Tumwi, nothing subtle there.

    Amooti, what’s up. Welcome.

  3. Lol, 27th! Mbu I swear upon God. Talk about taking the Lord’s name in vain. To his face moreover.

    Baz, blogger’s block again so soon?

    Get the facts straight – Papa ain’t big Ben – perhaps Big Joe. Joseph Ratzinger. a.k.a. God’s Rottweiler. Be warned.

  4. If the Pope endorced it, then i gotta have! i gotta have it now!

    Since self promotion is in order, check me out on; and

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