Big Brother Update
Day 134

The housemates have just called an emergency meeting to discuss Lerato’s claims that there is a ghost in the house. You will remember that over the past couple of weeks Lerato has been gibbering in psychotic despair, insisting that she keeps hearing strange sounds in the night. The other housemates dismissed this, saying it is probably just Richard jerking off, but a few hours ago conclusive proof emerged that there is indeed something strange afoot.

There is booze missing.

The housemates are all dedicated drinkers and at any given moment each and every one of them knows exactly, to the least millilitre, how much booze there is left in the house. But they discovered that there is a quart of vodka unaccounted for.

Maureen swears she didn’t pour it into Code’s fruit juice as a desperate last-ditch attempt to make him finally put out.

The housemates have drawn up two theories: One is that Justice snuck back into the house and is living in the air-vents because he just couldn’t stand to go back to the slums of Blantyre or wherever.

The other theory is that they need more booze.