Tales From The Gulag

Colleague Who Abuses His Soundcard chose to afflict us this morning with a stream of Ethiopian tribal music. No disrespect to the any Abyssinian blog-crawlers out there, but that stuff is ghastly. It is as if it unleashed thousands of tiny little imps each wearing tiny little cleated boots  and they swarmed your ears to perform mis-coordinated tap-dances on your eardrum. Excruciating like that.

No disrespect, of course.

Anyway, as this audio odium was skittering off the walls driving me crazy the office kaboozi switched to the subject of how to get rid of unwanted guests: after all the yawning and hinting, just break out a CD of bad music and watch your guest go, “Well, look at the time!”

I work with geniuses.



  1. Earphones. Tell Noxious Noise Colleague about them.

    Kizito – either you have a very big house or a very dirty house or both – all day long??!

  2. socks what..enyewe that music..looool…aiii..apologies…hmmm…get your colleague to burn you a cd of THIER favourite music…and get yourself a pair of wax ear plugs…great for keeping eardrums free from such cruel assault…

  3. 27, who is Pmama? Relation to Pdaddy? (I expect to be killed for that)

    @Maybe, it is time for you to open a blog. The rules dictate.

    Muthii, in Kenya there are no socks?

    Kizito, a clean house chases your guests away?

    Cheri moncheri, that rss of yours!

    Tumwi, I am thinking of a tiny cheap-ass battery-operated walkman with a very bad speaker to make the music sound as bad as possible.

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