Only built for Cuban Links

Links that are hot as halle round here:

Mr Nathan Magoola defines high expectations: “You’ve heard the saying good things come to those who wait? That’s a lie. Sit around waiting and what will you get? Nothing.  Besides a sore backside.”

The inimitable Lydia Namubiru: “Eventually, he charmed a white girl with the stunts and, as they often do, she fell head over heels. For good measure, he told her he was the son of the Minister of Culture here in Uganda and the minister, supposedly Okot p’Bitek… ” 

Has this become stale news already? But still read it for lols. Ivan Musoke on Big Brother: “It’s not so much that I have a thing against the Ugandan housemate or the fact that she wears sweaters like some sort of second skin, but it all comes down to this: Maureen is out.”

Then of course it goes without saying: Ms Kintu: “Now, to understand why I wanted to slap M in his silly face, you must note that: a) he lives less than 100 metres away from me, b) I have known him and bought things from his shop for over a decade and c) I don’t usually flee the country, change my name and seek asylum in the US on account of having a debt in Uganda of sh1,150

Mpozzi also, a little number from me: “Speaking of which, Dad, what happened to the DStv? You said you were going to install a dish.”

 Also happening:

 You guys remember Sharpe Ssewali? Sharpe from Sanyu FM?

 Tell him I said Hi.

And I will see y’all (as Maureen would say) on Friday.

BTW. In case you were wondering about the words in the last post with the Sam Cooke song, they are from Rashid Lynn and the Soulquarians (Common-Geto Heave).



  1. yeah, good question, Who is Sharpe? When he joined radio, i always felt he changed for the worse.

    interesting stable you have there writing for you. That Mr Magoola underates himself too much. And Angela, ela ela ela…Sorry.

  2. when i pull my ‘kawa’ outta ‘sunday vision’, i read lydia namubiru first, & then i look 4 david tumusiime’s byline. & yes, yo number on sunday was really hot. really hot!

  3. Sharpe is a musician, songwriter and soon to be film maker. He is like the hottest thing that ever happened in Uganda’s gospel music industry. I know him personally, have done so for a while and he totally rocks!!! Eeh Baz.

    He is in the gospel group FIRST LOVE, that rocks!!

    The move cut thing that you like to use, that was his voice. He is so going to kill me when he finds out that i blew his cover.

    Anyways, whatever, whichever, blah blah out (Just like Maureen says)

  4. Wanted to post a useful comment, but was distracted by Cute Face.

    Can’t believe someone is actually quoting Maureen now.

    It can only go downhill from here so I am off to swallow stab myself repeatedly in the stomach and sever my right foot in distress.

  5. It was MOVE CUT and all that was Carlos’ idea (if anyone remembers the DJ Carlos with da cool voice on Sanyu FM)….shyaa even there i’m with Cheri.

  6. If I may interject for a moment, maybe you do, maybe you do not remember me: Jim Musoke, Once upon a time DJ Carlos of the Love Zone.

    The statement was: “This next move cut goes out to all the lovers in the house!”

    Cuteface is right, my idea, but Sharpe’s and my voice.

    Be safe, be blessed!

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