Random Thuroggits.

There is a specific gait certain men have. They walk … heroically, into Iguana, with a distinct swagger that marks them clearly and unmistakably as Dudes Who Have Left Their Laptops In The Back Seat.
They walk like they don’t flatulate.

My brother-in-law came round the office yesterday to pick up the red Toshiba ka laptop that I had borrowed from my sister—the one on which I had be performing my flagellations-for-money aka soul-scarring Kyeyo Project. That is why I am blogging.

Sort of blogging.

Tumwi is like Kobe right now. Records are poised on the brink of breaking.

I used to have neater metaphors.
I think my metaphoriser is atrophying.

I should practice.

Lemme metaphorise randomly.

This keyboard is as white as… as white as the blank screen that just filled the entire breadth of my mind.

Before we close the subject of Tumwijuke, you people, can someone back me up on this? That is one eye mirror-reversed and juxtaposed with its reflection. I mean yes, we can be tempted to say she is perfect because she is shooting 9-for-9 from the point right now (hey! Metaphor!) but people’s eyes do not be perfectly symmetrical.

Now, on to other things. Big Brother is ….

Oh, Time to go… we will finish another day. Veljohnson! Come and finish!