Two words: Man-shawl

Wait. Think about this first. Let’s think about this.

What are our alternatives? Jackets, sweaters and coats. They cover the chest and arms but they leave the head and hands wide open to the cold. That may be fine for duh stoopid guys, but those of us who do the work of educated men, we need our heads to think and we need our hands to type—we need them to not be frozen numb.

I’m telling you.

Why should women be the only ones who can adequately protect themselves from the cold? Let’s do this, you guys. Don’t see it as a problem, see it as a solution.

The only way it can be an issue is if only one guy does it. But if we all get together as one and we all do it, it will be like just another fashion trend, and no one guy will be singled out for persecution.

Come on. Who’s with me?

lolbes shawl modellolbes shawl model



  1. firstie for a no buddy!!

    reeks of the g-string movement kla guys took on when the redpepper caught on.

    naye warren agula wa lisptick?( like pres. of the Uganja republic says it)

  2. Wait just one minute: what did agent256 say? Were GUYS wearing g-strings in Kampala??

    Can someone please explain this to me? And reassure me that it’s simply not true?


  3. comrade, u mean the G-string fad passed you??? i think not for the shawls. if i had my way, i would burn all for the CHOGAM bonfire. Its just the way people drape them………

  4. Baz, i think guys wearing shawls is a very good idea but you just killed the whole man-shawl thing by having Warren B wear one. Its so Eewh!!!

    I have a nice colourful Shawl by the way, it has pink, yellow, baby blue, purple and yellow stripes all over…you want? Oh and some green too somewhere.

    Uh and yes men in Kampala wore g-strings, i think t-strings too.

  5. KC, guys wear G-strings.. Baz shd know about this.

    Besigye isn’t too amused with this.

    Baz, fashion really has u by the balls!

  6. No comment on the g-string phase…..too creepy to contemplate. But i am with you on this one…man-shawl..lets think about this…..NOT!!!!!

  7. Lemme see if I can find the picture of Baz’ in a g-string.

    Baz, where did u put it…. forward it to me! Or better yet, post it on yo blog.

  8. I say, go on, buy yourself a man-shawl.

    And while you are at it, pick up a man-bag. I hear they are very trendy these days.

    If anyone laughs at you, you inform them that this is your traditional attire. I mean, if you fail to convince them that the entire get-up is stylish.

    Um, try also not to look too hoity-toity. And remain standing. The look only works if you stay standing.

  9. Cherie, ntaha nyina byenkukora beyitu am back now. One can’t be away from Baz too long. Somehow he bes creeping up from behind you…

  10. I think i too, have a pic of Baz somewhere wearing a T-String….Heh heh this is nice. Baz, didnt tell you….mmmmmph!!! Now you know your friends wama.

    By the way, the pic i have is too tight. In the event that i fail to find it too, Baz can just save the nation and post it on his blog or just forward it to KC.

  11. What is this G-string story. I have been asking for the whole week, and for real, no one seems to know.

    face, you chill that picture. You know I also have pictures of you…

  12. Cute face, he bes creeping up from behind u???? Those positions should be avoided.

    Baz, u need to start facing people, not those surprise attacks from behind.

    Where is Ivan when shit gets dirty?

  13. Tumwijuke and Baz, you guys need like a suspension..dissin Elias and Warren..bulllies…BULLIES!!!

    Now can someone get Nsaba Jimmy Blaze Buturo a ‘kiwalata shawl’..dude has a huge forehead!!

  14. Bad Cherie, bad Cherie!!!

    Baz, dont be scaring me. I am going to show the whole world and its mother the pic you took wearing a T-string.

  15. Cherie quit asking for Ivan. Didnt he say he started jobbing. You must know he is a very busy person now.

    By the way Ivan, when you come through i just want to say nice articles on BBA II. Good Job!!!

  16. wabula this discussion is 2 funny baz t-strings i am trying to visualise this post some pictures.but the shawl i think a brighter colour would do brown so like get matchiing shirts. yall gonna be fashionistas/

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