He’s been fired. I had to let him go.

And I am relieved. He wasn’t the best flunky to have around. The coffee tasted like wet goathair and … actually, what else did he do around here? Guy was useless. Just taking up space and getting the parking lot clogged with all those girls.

But that is not why I fired him. The story:

It turns out he is a musician of some renown back him his home country of America.

Yes, he is American. I was surprised to hear that. I always thought he was from Hoima. He walks like people from Hoima. You know how they walk, eh? He walks like that. All the way from Hoima.

Well, in pursuing this hobby of his he was photographed fraternising with some unsavoury characters, shady sorts who sully the reputations of everything they touch.

(pix: intern with wrong character)

I will not have my blog associated with this sort of thing.