How does a man named James start pontificating about protecting African identity from being sold?

Will this guy never ever not make me want to spit in his face?

WBS TV reported from the Hornsleth Project yesterday .

I swear.

The TV showed us crumbling wattle, dust, rags, gap teeth… such painful poverty… and a man in tatters, with yellow eyes, lamenting his loss. He was one of those who were going to receive a piglet to rear until it bred others, a boon for one so poor, but the project was halted before he could get it.

Then the scene switched to Nsaba, comfy in Armani and a comfy chair and air-conditioning. Explaining that what he did he did for the good of the people of Buteyonjera.

The Hornsleth Village Project, as you know, was an art project meant to illustrate that aid donors “buy” Africans.

The artist was to come to Africa and give people in a little village some livestock—pigs and goats— and in exchange, they would legally take on his name of Hornsleth.

That is the nutshell. It was a scheme much like Send-A-Cow that was being bankrolled by Hornsleth.

He was going to exhibit the photos of the Buteyongera people holding IDs with their new names.

A small, harmless, mostly symbolic gesture to point at a larger issue.

One of the earlier beneficiaries of the scheme said it best. Africans have been changing to zungu names for years to get ahead, said James Hornsleth Nsabadu. “Why do  you think I am called James?”


The reason we are so Christian and so capitalist, speak English and consume Western pop music as opposed to, say, Chinese or Indian, is because they, essentially, bought us. Our identity comes from the guys who gave us the money.

Dude has a point.

So, why was the project halted? Because Nsaba is an idiot.



  1. I will not contest the fact that Nsaba is an idiot. He’s the undisputed leader of the the world idiocy heavy weight championship. He wins just by opening his mouth.

    That said, I interviewed Hornsleth The Man a few months ago and although I knew he was no philanthropist, I was disappointed with the lack of depth in his reasoning. He and Jamie N’Butty are really no different from each other and I am not sure the Buteyongerans would be in a better state than they are today.

    After almost a year in business, why are the Buteyongerans still unable to manage an animal breeding and distribution program for themselves?

    Anyway, here’s an excerpt of the interview in which he responds to my question on whether he was disappointed with the suspension of the Buteyongera project.

    The project was never suspended! The suspension deal was just an evil act from some envious MPs!
    How can you suspend the fact that I traded 400 animals in a contract business deal with village opinion leaders?
    The animals were exchanged and everyone was happy. No one could suspend anything. The animals was already there, and now most of them has reproduced. It was a good project.
    And the state could only suspend their own envy, when we showed how easy it was to do business with the real people and not all the educated bureaucrats.

    FYI, Horny is the brains behind a ‘new’ philosophy: the philospy of Futilism.

    Go figure.

  2. Well, both of them are idiots. But, of course, some are more-idiotic than others.

    Actually, I don’t know what Horn’s real project was. And as such, for now, I side with Dr. Nsaba. For now. Was Horn trying to say what he was doing should not be done, for example?

  3. Personally i dont give a rats ass about the Ugandan government and for all i care, James, John, Peter, and Mary can all go and hang on a tomato stem.

    They have all gotten on my last nerve, actually they are now infiltrating my reserve nerves!!!

    I dont know Nsaba, but he sounds like, him and all the other guys, (on the cabinet) went to Buteyongera preparatory boarding and mixed pre primary school.

  4. Long one:

    The Hornsleth Village project was an art project. As in a compelling, but benign representation of reality—one that seeks to illustrate and draw attention to a social ill by standing in stead of that social ill.
    If you want to address the issue of people’s identity being sold, address the issue, don’t go banning people from saying there is an issue to be addressed.

    But I am not here to defend hornsleth. Hell with him.

    I am here to attack Nsaba.

    And that is what I shall do on the new page:

    The danger of dictatorships isn’t just that citizens can’t pose political opposition. Most people don’t think about politics that much, so why should a dictatorship be such a dangerous thing to them?

    The danger of a dictatorship is in the smaller things that, ultimately, are what life is all about. It is about government controlling what you think, and what you say, and who you hang out with and when.

    It is the nature of government, as a creature of power, to control as much as it can. And you can’t trust it to use this control to better your life —even the most brutal, oppressive and cruel dictatorships believed what they were doing was for the good of their people.

    That is why we have laws and rights. To protect us.

    We are not ruled by governments, we are ruled by law, and Nsaba, as much as everyone else among us, is bound to respect that law.

    I don’t grate on Nsaba because I don’t like his skin, but because he is consistent and distinct evidence of this government’s attitude towards the law and human rights.

    Its job is to excecute the law and protect our rights. Instead, human rights and the law are a nuisance that is getting in the way of enforcing its will.

    When he failed to ban EATV, I was happy. Not because I love Collie Budz so much, but because it made me think that that law can stand and protect us against the power of government.

    But then he managed to shut down Hornsleth.

    I close with Shakespeare: “We are not safe, Clarence. We are not safe.”

  5. I don’t get art. Like Costanza, I have to have someone explain it to me and then get someone else to explain the explanation.

    Nevertheless, I think we can all agree that Hornsleth is a prick. But he did raise a valid point and it would be nice if for BLOODY ONCE Buturo would acknowledge that and STOP PONTIFICATING.

    Because some of us are about to become homicidal.

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