Will this guy never ever not make me want to spit in his face?

WBS TV reported from the Hornsleth Project yesterday .

I swear.

The TV showed us crumbling wattle, dust, rags, gap teeth… such painful poverty… and a man in tatters, with yellow eyes, lamenting his loss. He was one of those who were going to receive a piglet to rear until it bred others, a boon for one so poor, but the project was halted before he could get it.

Then the scene switched to Nsaba, comfy in Armani and a comfy chair and air-conditioning. Explaining that what he did he did for the good of the people of Buteyonjera.

The Hornsleth Village Project, as you know, was an art project meant to illustrate that aid donors “buy” Africans.

The artist was to come to Africa and give people in a little village some livestock—pigs and goats— and in exchange, they would legally take on his name of Hornsleth.

That is the nutshell. It was a scheme much like Send-A-Cow that was being bankrolled by Hornsleth.

He was going to exhibit the photos of the Buteyongera people holding IDs with their new names.

A small, harmless, mostly symbolic gesture to point at a larger issue.

One of the earlier beneficiaries of the scheme said it best. Africans have been changing to zungu names for years to get ahead, said James Hornsleth Nsabadu. “Why do  you think I am called James?”


The reason we are so Christian and so capitalist, speak English and consume Western pop music as opposed to, say, Chinese or Indian, is because they, essentially, bought us. Our identity comes from the guys who gave us the money.

Dude has a point.

So, why was the project halted? Because Nsaba is an idiot.