Government to bun re-used plastic bottles

Govt to bun re-used plastic bottles

New Vision, Monday, 30th July, 2007

By Anne Mugisa
and Bebe Cool

THE Ministry of Health has asked the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) to bun the re-use of plastic bottles, arguing that they are toxic.

“These bottles must be bunned like the buveera (polythene bags) because they are a big health risk,” the Minister of Health, Dr. Stephen Malinga, said at a press conference inna di ministry headquarters in Kampala yesterday.

The Director General of Health Services, Dr. Sam Zaramba, dem a say: “We are going to follow up with the UNBS until the bottles are bunned. Ca you know bad man no lie.”

Dem a fi bun down all a dem plastic bottles, ca when a man dem put alcoholic or acidic fluids inna di plastic bottles it a cause a chemical reaction which makes the content poisonous.

Kampala vendors sell fruit juice, millet porridge (bushera), medicinal herbs and local brew in used plastic bottles.



  1. HA HA HA!!!

    Now look what you done did! I have no ribs left…he he he…there goes another one!

    This is the reason why I am a huge, scratch that, HUGE fan of this blog.

    Remember the Eminem/Dido collabo “Stan”? Yeah, be afraid. Be very afraid.

  2. and ps: The Rational Argument for Decriminalization of Homosexuality….

    Now Baz, you know me. I’m like E.V.E – a pitbull in a skirt, ready to be riled up. Grrrrrr….


  3. Anne didnt said??? I could let off the fact that Bebe Cool is now a jounalist but Anne didnt said!!!! No no no!!!

  4. hi baz, this ban thing is really an issue, how will we eat kashera and drink juice of kikumi? it is a harzadous move to our rather spartan survival

  5. There’s always the foam cups. The only problem is they are more costly than the kashera of kikumi.

    Afrigo said it well ‘enkuba omunaku teri kya baganda bange twalyaki’? The poor are going to be most affected by this move. Must go to Obbligato tomorrow

  6. had a straight face till “…Dr. Sam Zaramba, dem a say: “We are going to…” then it was downhill from there.

    maybe we should ask Blu*Sreee. over to you Cindi. Bun, Burn, Burrrrrrrn?

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