Oh, you mad cos I’m stylin on you?

I am working on a “look”. As in a particular fashion theme that distinguishes me from the riff raff.

No wait. I am the riff raff. Let’s change that to distinguishes me from the rest of the riff raff. The reason for this is that I want to be sexy and attractive like the rest of you. Even me also I want to be kko hot, as they say.

So I am working on a look.

I got the idea yesterday. I was wearing jeans, a button-down shirt and a blazer. I was wearing the blazer because it is easier to carry those around in this cold weather than it is to tote a jacket everywhere you go. And I was wearing jeans and a button down shirt because that is what I always wear. It is kind of like my look.

Well, my former look.

So, let us change the opening paragraph again. I am working on a new look.

The blazer might stay. Only I will need a better one. The one I currently have is a bit… well, a bit kiganda. It was meant for a kanzu, and you cannot lose the feeling that it resents the jeans. I will need a funky yoof rock-n-roll blazer. Something neat and smart but still understated and subtle.

Something that is cool, rather than glam.

Like me.

And then the button-down shirt will be… wait for it… untucked! Eh? You see? Getting Sexier already.

Then jeans will also be upgraded. Until now I used jeans only to keep my goodies concealed because why should you see when you haven’t paid? But now I have come to be of the opinion that jeans can help one look like a social force to reckon with if they are shaped and tailored right.

So the next item on the “Look” agenda is nice jeans.

After I sort that out, I want to upgrade from a barber to a hair stylist. I usually just cut the shit wharrever, but now I want it styled so that, consequently, I can achieve being stylish. I wonder if the hair stylist will be gay. I never thought I would ever say this, but I hope he is.

So, what do you think? Does my bum look big in this?

Update: I was tagged. And I decided to take the tag too seriously. If you want, I put it on the back-up auxilliary blog .



  1. Get yaself some True religion jeans, if you can’t afford, like Lizzie hinted, go for Levi’s.

    And you didn’t mention anything concerning kicks.

    You ought to lose the malachi.

  2. Ernest are you gay? I don’t mean happy. Gay? No? Then what’s with the gay stylist and ‘does my BUM look fat in this’

  3. I will save the situation here and let Baz know that he looks hhooootttt in jeans. I think he also has a cute bum…(yeah yeah yeah, dont even go there people. I saw the bum in those jeans. Ernest you know the jeans, dont pretend)

    Just please follow magoo’s advice and do something about the kicks…and the toes as well. This is not beef Baz, we are trying to make sure you look sizzling!!!

    About the blazer, could you please just get one in your size. i think it enhances the broad shoulders (ha ha ha) if you actually get in your size and not that over sized piece of cloth you carry with you.

    Lose the glasses as well. And please dont grow your hair….please!!!Keep it short, keep it hooottt!! You know the part when the human torch comes out of the bathroom (Rise of the Silver Surfer)…that was hhoootttt!!!

  4. okay the jeans best stick to the levis the tend to compliment “non teenagers”stay away from labels such as phartfarm especially if ur not in the” industry”.

    then the blazer you should get should be coudroy like in many colours like grey, brown and black and dark blue.

    the shirts should be tucked in though, it completes the look.

    you should get those shoes like mocasins they make people look hot.

    as for the spects those really thick plastic square things do a good job if not those rimless things .

  5. how about going for them tight shirts too hmmm then post a pic and lets see how the styling is going. And yes get some of them shoes with animal skin,try reptile stuff with sharp fronts or defined box like shapes

  6. When u say blazer, I imagine those old style tweed ones with leather elbows….That could be yo new oldies look!

    Heh heh….goodies concealer…

    Make sure the jeans are the skinny type. With some gabons and a small tie…or better yet, get a scarf. Then u will be the next next Bryan Ferry. The black Bryan Ferry. The glam Bryan Ferry.

    And don’t listen to Fujitsu or cute face.. listen to me.

  7. Kakati now Baz, if you are going to wear the gabons, short tie and scarf (should be in the color purple), you should just go and look for white socks with bu silver shinny things ontop as well.

    You can also get the complete ice skating outfit and dem boots to match. You know that whole thing of having to wear the boots ontop of the tight jeans that Cherie has suggested you get…..mmm hmmm….those ones…then you would look dainty and shit like that but not hooottt!!! Ha ha ha, would love to see you look like that.

    You can tint the hair too, anti we are getting a hair stylist. But Cherie has joked, we have to make certain Baz bes chilling in the same zipcode as some of us. I think its called prettyville…nice!

  8. Cute face, I am also haharing the people I thought were my friends. I ask them for directions to Prettyville and they send me to the place where people wear snakeskin gabons? Dukesey and Cheri. I thought we were buddies!

    Maybe, I need a gay stylist cos I don’t trust a straight guy to know how anything about hairstyles.

    Fujitstu, I hear it is also Usher’s look…

    Magoo, the problem is I don’t do labels. Is it a must?

    27, nude? I don’t think this city is ready for that yet…

    But leo’s child, I have taken notes.

  9. I am with Cheri on this one and that `oldies new look` works even better when you play around with colours, you want to be hot? make a full launch.. you know…red blazer, blue tie, yellow tight jeans(if you can find them) green shirt, plus have you thougt about shades to complete your look? Iam thinking about those huge ones that cover up almost all the face, they can be any colour. You wont only be hot kko you will be HOT, trust me…

  10. i quote :”No.you’re not a slob. you are *twick* fa-bu-lous!” end quote.(the twick is the sound of a finger clicking.and the hand moving across the face. in a very snobbish chick mannner)…
    hey,you’re hot(pronounced hat) like that!

  11. Ati Baz,
    lwaki u dont come by Kamikazi n we kit u out fit sana?
    we got some slap striped blazers, Boss, Armani, Versace, them all
    even jeans also. n shirts. short n long sleeved
    n i think u shd go back to wearing the stud.
    the one in the ear lobe… not the other one.

    d’u own a skirt? its so hotttt rite now! in like, cinnamon grey and fuchsia

  12. heaven, diva, that is what I expect the hairdresser to say. Better with a lisp. Bath, fa-bu-louthth!

    Deg, I was actually on my way to Kamikaze, but now I don’t know. If you are going to try to sell me a skirt…

  13. @ Baz: Who says? Better not let me catch you and your boi Usher in the street clad in my gear. They won’t be able to stop me ….

  14. Man! you are hot, maybe if you wanna get hnt. N’way, you should remove Kko your glasses esp when u r not reading coz those eyez r so damn hot.

    Eh! why don’t go kko bald Baz?. wear temp diamond rings and a load of chains on your fine neck and waist too.

    Ummmmm……hope you don’t have a ka sharp bum coz you need some bu hips! go for leather pants once in a while, nettted vests to expose your centrefold lol Gdluuc!

  15. Baz…Kevin Okanor again…the word is Kamikazi…Kamikaze is that Twista album. Kamikazi is the place to be these days. Not since I graced their magazine!

    If u aint seen it (fashion magazine), u aint seen nothing yet.

  16. Baz, all said and done, for me its not what’s on your body – it’s what’s in your brain that comes through your fingertips into the computer onto the blog and/or Sunday Vision. Who gives a shit what you wear?

    Changing your look is such bad idea. You are cool as you are – remember ‘I am not my hair?’ You should be singing I am not my clothes / hair/ boots / glasses

    Don’t I sound like your mum?

  17. Cheri, shrink please!! I can’t handle Senga. Why do all sengas look the same? Have you seen their ads in the Red Pepper?

  18. @lindwee;am gona report on you to lizzie, y are u admiring a brother’s eyes.eh mama! “Man! you are hot, maybe if you wanna get hnt. N’way, you should remove Kko your glasses esp when u r not reading coz those eyez r so damn hot.”

  19. Ernest, kakati will you say ati Cute Face doesnt care about you….Upgrade U!!!

    Audemars Piguet watch
    Dimples in ya necktie
    Hermmes briefcase
    Cartier top clips
    Silk line blaziers
    Diamond cream facials
    VVS cufflinks

    Ernest, you can sing along. Dont be shy…what about!!!

  20. Oh Baz dear, still more Upgrading….”i b’s the d-boy who infiltrated all the coorperate dudes. They call shots, i call audibles. Jacob the jeweler, baubles, Laurraine Schwartz sort of dude”

    Just continue singing along, eventually we will get you a street atleast in prettyville.

    For me i dont be playing around. When Baz says he wants to style u i be asking how and then show him the light!

    Just so you know, the light at the end of the tunnel is not always Jesus. Could be a train!

  21. Im just digging the black eyed peas look. If I can get u in that, Im sure u will look sexy to me.

  22. Timothy, let him keep the sleeveless shirts…afterall we wanna see his muscled biceps!!!

    Baz, to compliment that new look…u need to visit the gym and start working on them muscles and pacs…

    Jah run tings, ya’gwaan? It’s not no go so…..so mi go so dem!

  23. Timothy, let him keep the sleeveless shirts…afterall we wanna see his muscled biceps!!!

    Baz, to compliment that new look…u need to visit the gym and start working on them muscles and pacs…

    Jah run tings, ya’gwaan? It’s not no go so…..so mi go so dem!

  24. Children,
    lets move along, shall we?
    Cheri, twaleese bipya e kamikazi, jangu olabeko
    Baz, the only shoes worth wearing are Jeffery West Blacklines.
    yes, it is spelled like that – “Jeffery”

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