1. You know I love Julianna like she was my very own daughter and her voice is so absolutely favourite that I would chose it over a Guinness any day. However, and it is not for lack of trying, I am not feeling Kanyimbe .

I was a Kanyomozi fan before all of you so don’t question my credentials. I bought the I-Jay album. Who else did? Name three people. I’ll wait. Sav, what about.

2. Someone just told me to stop saying “what about” because it is out of fashion. That, you see, just makes it all the more quaint. I think I shall keep it.

3. Mmmm. Cheese.

4. Gwe, will the Simpsons movie rock the face off the skull of every rock that ever sneered and smiled at a screen ever in the history of overextended metaphors? Homer is the father I never really wanted.

I would like to take this moment to give a special okutumira to my dad, Daddy. This awesomeness you see me with? That is the man who started it.

No, don’t. I only call him Daddy on special occasions.

5. Whatever Terry Pratchett is smoking.

6. There is a rule in Journalism. Every article written about someone else’s grammatical or spelling mistakes is going to contain at least one grammar or spelling mistake of its own. This is Kevin O’Connor’s.

Three misspellings in one newspaper advertisement. Is this a record? A national record? Perhaps even a world record? In the advert that appeared in one of the dailies, we learnt that for Shs10,000, we could by “que sticks.”  

Update: Just after I was through dizzily compiling these thurrogits I found out that, on the other side of the building, Maama Nyabo was tagging me. I have been tagged. Does this count as wriggling out of it? Cos I am not going to tell you the truth about myself. If I stopped lying, I’d just disappoint  you.