Random Thurrogits

1. You know I love Julianna like she was my very own daughter and her voice is so absolutely favourite that I would chose it over a Guinness any day. However, and it is not for lack of trying, I am not feeling Kanyimbe .

I was a Kanyomozi fan before all of you so don’t question my credentials. I bought the I-Jay album. Who else did? Name three people. I’ll wait. Sav, what about.

2. Someone just told me to stop saying “what about” because it is out of fashion. That, you see, just makes it all the more quaint. I think I shall keep it.

3. Mmmm. Cheese.

4. Gwe, will the Simpsons movie rock the face off the skull of every rock that ever sneered and smiled at a screen ever in the history of overextended metaphors? Homer is the father I never really wanted.

I would like to take this moment to give a special okutumira to my dad, Daddy. This awesomeness you see me with? That is the man who started it.

No, don’t. I only call him Daddy on special occasions.

5. Whatever Terry Pratchett is smoking.

6. There is a rule in Journalism. Every article written about someone else’s grammatical or spelling mistakes is going to contain at least one grammar or spelling mistake of its own. This is Kevin O’Connor’s.

Three misspellings in one newspaper advertisement. Is this a record? A national record? Perhaps even a world record? In the advert that appeared in one of the dailies, we learnt that for Shs10,000, we could by “que sticks.”  

Update: Just after I was through dizzily compiling these thurrogits I found out that, on the other side of the building, Maama Nyabo was tagging me. I have been tagged. Does this count as wriggling out of it? Cos I am not going to tell you the truth about myself. If I stopped lying, I’d just disappoint  you.



  1. You’re too idle, M! So, do you still have that I-Jay album or is this another of your claims?

    Cheese…yuck! where’s Puss in Boots?

  2. yeah, I had the I-jay album. My friend Edmund Begumisa did the cover artwork and handed me a copy. The point here is I owned the album. doesn’t matter if I bought it or not.

    About that muzungu’s typos, isn’t it like ya job to see to it that we don'[t witness things like that? And you think you are hardworking. Working hard or hardly working?

  3. Kanyimbe is too simplistic, Julianna could have added more layers to that song to make it really rock. And I think the choir bit at the end is too cliche for words. The video reminds me of Whitney Houston’s All The Man That I need. But I can see how the song would work for most people.

    I call my father “Father”. No I’m not kidding.

    & Baz, “daddy” is better than “papa”.

    Oh, oh… you need to check out Iryn Namubiru’s “Ngenze”. That song is off the charts!!!

  4. Not heard the Juliana song. I don’t rock radio. 😦

    Man, every Monitor article has at least three errors, grammatical or spelling. No excuses for making it perfect. You get fired. I think.

    Okay, not all, but hyperbole has been spelt right here. Even `spelt’, yes. The Monitor editors would throw that out … 😀

  5. I bet u 9/10 pple won’t be able to spot oconnors own spelling mistake. nga it took me a while to catch it!

  6. Is it spelt or spelled? Is it dreamt or dreamed?

    Cheese…..Try Nandos’ Cheesecake!

    Hmph, Baz, DADDY???? DADDY??? I say, we should go with PAPA! That way, if u misbehave… he gets to say, …”Come to PAPA. PAPA is gonna spank yo bottom!”

    What about!

  7. Juliana once said she would not sing just for the sake of singing. Looks like that’s what she does these days. OK, luganda sells music, but she shines when she sings in english. ‘Anyone heard Christmas in Bethlehem’?

    As for O’Connor, if he removed those bu shades he might spell better.

  8. Mag, drop more names. Even me Kadaga is my tyt.

    @Fujitsu, son of Father, I don’t think the problem is techical, I think it just doesn’t grab the gut.

    @ 27, naawe you are exagggerating.

    @ Tim, are you a Simpsons Stan ? Thanks for the link!

    Anon, I know a lot of people don’t see these things. I wish I was one of them.

    Cheri, Nandos cheesecake it will be. When?
    And no, I am not deleting anything on second thoughts. I like the way it looks. Like concept comment art.

    @ Maybe, why do we call them artistes when they are clearly all about the commercial success? I don’t mean to knock the hustle, and I am glad she is singing funky luganswi and not some hard-to-get experimental avant-garde neo-soul which I can’t understand, and I think she handles the kidandali better than she handled the R&B, and what was my point?

    @ Deg, my man. You have me confused with Y.Z. Again. I should get you an appointment with HER mom.

    How can I link to Y.Z.? It is 10:00pm in the office. I am too tired to remember my HTML.

    True story: a guy in the office pronounces it exactly like Cycatrist. I don’t know what a cycatrist is, because it is 10:00pm in the offce and I am too tired to go to dictionary.com.

    Anyway, you guys, goodnight. Enjoy Montell. The poor guy needs it.

  9. you know what, people keep requesting for that song kanyimbe and i play it with so much beef i dont see how such a sterotype song with nicole c mullen -yodel -alike and a poor as-if whitney houston stage performance should be people’s favourite…maybe am just deep but at number 2 three times in a week of five working days is abit much for me,
    as for simpsons, i cant stand themyellowheads! baz how r you, been long, igot you tagged too.

  10. 10 pm? whaddya doing in the office at such a time? No wonder you have sleeping problems – or is it because of the sleeping problems? Go give someone some TLC.

  11. Mag, unforgivable mistake. HOW DARE YOU? Clarke is cooler – and writes differently – I almost said better

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