Intern Robin Thicke 

Intern Thicke

 Hi. I’m Robin Thicke. Mr Ernest Bazanye’s intern. Mr Bazanye is out making lots of money right now but he has asked me to look after the blog for him until he gets back.He instructed me to put up this picture.

 the church develops

And tell you that is is what the Church of Holy Poly looks like these days.

He also asked that I include something witty about either the prosperity gospel and sowing, or about the ban on kaveera.

However, I am Robin Thicke, a dumb pretty-boy rock star, I never have anything clever to say.

Meanwhile, I read your comments. You laydeys think I’m sexey, eh? Heh heh. First come and we talk…(Licks finger and rubs it over his eyebrow.) So, ehehehe.  What are your contacts?… How do you see? You know if I could rearrange the alphabe