In Hip Hop is Dead “Roll in every station murder the deejay” was changed to “Roll in every station, wreck the deejay” for the radio edit.

That’s Nas being wuss.

Going Face: 

Bebe Cool was on Showtime yesterday talking about the television sets he had installed in his car. He explained, speaking with way more urgency than the subject required, that there are seven screens in the car. He expressed his sincere doubt that there is any automobile in Africa that has a screen bigger than his.

How Freudian. That I hear no one in Africa has one bigger than his.

I think Yata is great, especially the part where she does not kill mbogos in a horrible faked accent like other TV presenters I could list off the top of my head, but I usually watch ShowTime without the volume on.

Because I don’t want to hear people say things like:

“It cost around 18 million. Shillings. But that is how a celebrity is supposed to live.”

That is what Bebe Cool had to say about the TVs in his car.


Omo advert: Woman with her belt in hand bearing down upon raggedy rascal child who has been clomping mud into her living room. “Look at all the dirt on your shirt!” she exclaims.
The rugrat’s cousin comes to his defence by squealing, “It’s not dirt, auntie, it’s his first goal”

Now I am going to buy Omo.

From the lab:

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