Business in Bweyogerere-Kireka

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If you can’t read the sign on the door, and of course you can’t, it is one of those posterflyerpapers that one finds pasted up on walls all over Kampalatown. The ones that read “Find A Lover.”

It is depressing to think of how many Bweyos residents actually knocked on that door and announced, “Hello, I’m here to inquire about the lover?”

And this is what the natives call a Kiwaani.

(Once again, please click on the thumbnail for the full-sized picture. Then look at the email address…



  1. I hear email Now Baz, you are our tyght and all,but the next time you want to rip off the population be sure an email address is an email address, not a web address.

    And what kind of services are windows and doors? Aren’t those, like, products?

  2. Hheheh…i am here about the lover…tihiiii…and Ernest..what the deal? Are you diversifying? Hehehhe!!

  3. Fell off my chair with laughter (if you can perceive how a 90 kg woman sitting on a stool can do that).

    It is for blogs like this that my cyber crush on you continues …

    You should add one of those Animaniacs “Made You Look” sound tracks to the picture for good measure.

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