The turntables might wobble, but they won’t fall down

First of all, I would like to reiterate: I am the baddest deejay in this city called blogtown. When I lay down the tracks, I lay down the trizzacks! In case you missed it in my last post:

  6. Update. This is a special dedication to rev, matanda, sav, Iwaya and Deg. Fire up your iPods boys. Some blues. Some 
More blues .

 Now, I cannot actually tell whether the following links are going to lead you to any actual viewing pleasure, because whatever gods may be, in this case the IT department at my office, do not give personnel like me priority when they distribute what the rest of the world’s computers consider as standard as earlobes. That is right, I have no Macromedia Flash. There IS a computer on the planet that does not have Macromedia Flash. And I am sitting right in front of it.

No Youtube, niggaz! 

Because of this deficiency I am unable to confirm that this works, but if it does, as I hope it does, please feel free to tell me so.

Dripalong Daffy.

This is for all the laydeys in the hizzouse (still talking DJ talk). But is a special dedication to my friend Chwintu.

 On a more serious note; you may have heard me sing the praises of Bruce Springsteen, and when I do, I mean every word. You may have heard me gush about Iryn Namubiru and a few other R&B singers (Nicci Gilbert, Monica, Tamia, Brandy, the constituents of En Vogue etc) and said, “Lo, behold a dude with taste. I am sure he cannot stand that rap nonsense!” Ech! Wrong! I looooove this hip hop!

Man, I have been a hip hop fan since Breakin Electric Boogaloo.

This song however, is not just for the more youtube-equipped hip hop fans in the webosphere. This song is for the unbelievers. I found it on Channel 5 this morning when I was running late for work and was so blown away that I knew I will not rest until have alerted the entire universe (or that portion of it that is here with us tonight) to the rhyme stylings of this rapper called Piper.

Flipsyde – Happy Birthday

Don’t skip the link, silly one. Go back and hit it. It is not a guy bragging about his bling or his gun or his prowess at doing it doggystyle. It is a very poignant, very powerful, very moving comment on the question of abortion.

And with that, I leave you all.



  1. Ayi mama nze eki firstie!!

    I thought that flash comes standard with internet explorer these days. At least since windows XP was released.

    I couldn’t download the tracks. Check ya links. Youtube works fine though.

  2. Okay, I hope you, and the rest of the crowd here with us tonight, will understand when I say this is like the best post I’ve ever had to chuckle through in a pretty long time. I was one of the silly ones who had opted out of the bling-da-bling.

    You need Flash for you browser? I hope these help: this and that.
    Maybe they won’t help – New Vision is a fascist outpost, the sad roadkill of history.

    The second link no work. Blerry blues.

  3. i’m forever grateful for Brothers in Arms and Still Wonder. u’re the best DJ on the (Ugandan) blogosphere!

    and Nate; ‘eki firstie’? really, as if the whole firsties trend wasn’t insensitive enough

  4. i went back and hit the link to happy birthday. poignant. somehow i wonder if guys should continue with the attitude that since its the woman’s body, they shouldnt put they foot down and say no when chikidee wants to kill the baby. it sounds all too convenient.

  5. Yvonne Chaka Chaka sang “thank u mr. DJ 4 playin ma song…”, I say “blah blah blah…mr blogtown DJ for….blah blah blah.” Al ya links didnt work, am pissed. I spent 3000shs in some slow lousy cafe on kla rd trying to open the links. THANX a bunch MR. DJ!!!
    Hey check out this link, its hot…and IT WORKS!

  6. Guys, I can’t fix the second link. I also can’t find the original page.

    For the record, it was Brothers In Arms again, Ish. Not anything new. But now I guess I owe you one.

    Joshua, why do you spend money in places which don’t get youtube? Those links were for real. Only one link was dead.

    Phantom, I think he said something about that. Like he will never tell a woman what to do with her body, but if she doesn’t like kids, then he isn’t going to be interested in her. Something like that.

  7. You do realise an alarming trend, the best KIM’s have all carried *what’s the technical name? I forgot, can you believe it? :(** song excerpts from musicians you first kind of introduced me to in a big way?

    But I won’t be singing to you Yvonne Chaka Chaka’s song just yet. Not when I’m sober anyway.

  8. Oh, and before I forget, whatever happened to more regular updates of Neverman and Tumbavu. I know I should be one to be talking but let me also remind you that you owe ME a conclusion on that long promised Tupac article, I can’t believe you did not put it up!?

    Oh 🙂 Uptowner is up! Lemme run there!

  9. Speaking of some KIMs being better than others is sacrilege. But I notice no Bruce? Oh, you asked me for The River! I’ll get that for you.

    And I will have a new Neverman up tomorrow. It’s about time actually.

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