1.  Whatever Jon Macgregor is smoking, I want some.


Scarlet ortiz of cuandos 

Scarlet Ortiz, the star of all Spanish soaps ever made, is on record for saying that the most engrossing, most compelling, most thyroid-gland-grabbing, most scanless blog she has ever read in her life – which is considerable because even though she looks like she is 12 and still wets the bed, she is actually in her late forties—is this one that I am about to unveil before you.

3.  Why do you watch Smallville? I watch Smallville because of that chick who is hot in it. Kristin Kreaiuk. Otherwise the sexual tension between Lex and Clark really does little to entertain me. They be on scene making gooey googoo eyes at each other and I find myself screaming for the scriptwriter, begging him to please, see reason and find a way, for the sake of us all, to put Lana in the scene.

kreuk or lana lang smallville

Most preferably in a little skirt and a kundi-show.

4.  Real Men Don’t Cry?  So real men should not mess with me. I am dangerous sometimes!

5.  There is that thing of where I tell you what my favourite internet sites (excluding blogs – Minty, do we have to sacrifice a white chicken? Again? Please, come back!) and I call it links of fire. Oba I tell you one other of them? Okay. That is what I shall do.


6. Update. This is a special dedication to rev, matanda, sav, Iwaya and Deg. Fire up your iPods boys. Some blues. Some more blues, with a rock edge.