More thurrogits. Random ones.

1.  Whatever Jon Macgregor is smoking, I want some.


Scarlet ortiz of cuandos 

Scarlet Ortiz, the star of all Spanish soaps ever made, is on record for saying that the most engrossing, most compelling, most thyroid-gland-grabbing, most scanless blog she has ever read in her life – which is considerable because even though she looks like she is 12 and still wets the bed, she is actually in her late forties—is this one that I am about to unveil before you.

3.  Why do you watch Smallville? I watch Smallville because of that chick who is hot in it. Kristin Kreaiuk. Otherwise the sexual tension between Lex and Clark really does little to entertain me. They be on scene making gooey googoo eyes at each other and I find myself screaming for the scriptwriter, begging him to please, see reason and find a way, for the sake of us all, to put Lana in the scene.

kreuk or lana lang smallville

Most preferably in a little skirt and a kundi-show.

4.  Real Men Don’t Cry?  So real men should not mess with me. I am dangerous sometimes!

5.  There is that thing of where I tell you what my favourite internet sites (excluding blogs – Minty, do we have to sacrifice a white chicken? Again? Please, come back!) and I call it links of fire. Oba I tell you one other of them? Okay. That is what I shall do.

6. Update. This is a special dedication to rev, matanda, sav, Iwaya and Deg. Fire up your iPods boys. Some blues. Some more blues, with a rock edge.



  1. Ok…im with 27th! ok, thats not true altho i have no idea abt that Camila chick.. Smallvile? Ydya bother? oh yes…the babe…

  2. I am so excited I can hardly type right. Another Ugandan hooked on Jon! Yay! I just finished reading his second book ‘So Many Different Ways to Begin’ and I am officially in love with him.

  3. I hear this is like the hottest blog spot in town. Had to visit it to believe and i think its fantanamagorious!! Is it christmas already though? Baz this is cool stuff you know. Have to become a daily! So who is Jon Macgregor again? I need to do me some reading. Am i like welcome???

  4. *Fantanamagorios* okay, Skit…now we need to establish what u’re smoking. And then give it all to Baz.

    That chic is in her late forties?????? I die.

  5. I want to look like that in my late forties!!! Cherie please get over the fact that she looks like that and lets talk about smallville.

  6. Someone remind me what the song was that the group Public Announcement sang about men crying?? Is there anyone here who knows the group Public Announcement?

  7. Guys, sorry about the layout. It was a mistake. Normal service will resume as soon as possible.

    Mag, Yagshemash.

    Hi Skit.

  8. Hey Baz!!!( eyes rolling, eye lashes doing their thing). I am checking you out….wait a minute is that your eye???

  9. McGregor kicks literary ass.

    @Skit. I knew Public Announcement: They say that a man aint supposed to cry, but baby your tears I’ll cry

    Forgettable stuff. But why do you ask?

  10. They cried!!!! Alot if i remember well enough, you know since its forgetable stuff. Baz was claiming that real men are not supposed to cry. if i remember what those dudes looked like in the video…..not exactly slim bodied with geled pink hair…..did i mention they cried alot in the video!!!

  11. Public Announcement cried because they knew in their sad little hearts that, try as much, they could never rock as much as Blackstreet.
    Teddy Riley completely owned the nineties, from beginning to end!
    Skit, Um… 😉 . Is that the right one?

  12. Sometimes having too much time at your disposal is not entirely a bad thing especially if you can get me to start coming here again and again not just for the posts but for the latest template tweaking.

  13. Wat is it with u guys and the lana chick in smallvile?!! That ka girl acting Loius Lane in much hotter than Lana. Lana cant even match clowie. I think we have a taste problem going around here!
    Those spannish soaps taught my niece how to kiss!!!

  14. So, am I the only person here that don’t watch smallville? Am I the only normal person here?

  15. Joshua, i love you!!!! Lana is the fakest thing that has ever happened to Smallville. She is the most annoying character and i went as far as checking out her dental too, its ttteerribbble!!!

  16. Can’t wait for the part when CK actually gets his groove on with Lois Lane…..can’t wait, can’t wait!!!

  17. Lana Lang that over self absorbent ostrogenic lass shud burn!!!!

    @Skit, they actually get their groove on in some episode, not that i want to spoil the series for anyone but they do lip lock..

  18. Cheri, a cocoon? I have to find someone to call that today.

    Now, Welling has been cheating on Lex with Lana? I think I may have to learn to watch this show with the volume on. And actually try to pay attention to the whole story instead of just ogling Kreauik.

    Now who is this Clowie and this Lois Lane?

  19. And Cher, be comforted…I too don’t watch Smallville, though I’v been told I’m not normally normal

  20. Kristin Kreaiuk looks good from the front. Have you noticed how infrequently they do profile shots of her. Her face is flat. Not a pretty thing.

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