Who framed him 

I was having a gmail chat with a friend of mine who happens have a number of degrees and diplomas and other similar forms of academic back-pats of the kind. A woman as highly-read as this really should not be discussing the cartoon movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit on Gmail, but there we were…

Me (11:19:00 AM): Remember when Roger Rabbit pulled his hand out of the handcuffs?

KC: (11:19:18 AM): It made me want to be a cartoon character. Dreams must come true or I’ll hurt someone…

KC (11:22:09 AM): (Think we’ll ever grow up? OR should we just embrace the madness and go with it?)

Me (11:23:09 AM): What is not grown up about Roger Rabbit? It was a very cerebral and intellectual comment on man and civilization at war with itself in the fin de siecle zeitgeist.

Me (11:23:26 AM): And toss the word “trenchant” in there somewhere.

 KC (11:25:16 AM): Paradigm is good too. I’ve always been partial to “Counter-intuitive.” It sounds really deep and self-involved and complex.

Me (11:28:37 AM): the counter-intuitive paradigm complex of the late twentieth century zeitgeist symbolized by daring poetic devices that stress trenchant … now it is time to wheel out Oswald Bates… trenchant pargamations, or should I say, pargamalations of the lianderscopic mojolity. As we all know, Tu es poribum, right?

KC (11:31:03 AM): Who the hell you calling a poor bum? You thought I wouldn’t understand?

Me (11:36:00 AM): Okay. I should have guessed that you have a Latin course somewhere in there.

Me (11:36:06 AM): What’s a GED, by the way?

KC (11:38:58 AM): Heh heh. General Equivalency Diploma, or something like that. It’s for people who drop out of high school. It basically the same thing as a high school diploma, but taken outside of school. Very popular with prisoners.

Me (11:40:37 AM): I see. Now, do people like you who have more education than you need generally regard GED holders with deep scorn and loathing?

KC (11:43:45 AM): We regard them with a loathing so profound that there is no actual word for it, just a deep, guttural sound. It’s a primal, pre-verbal response. Why do you ask?

Me (11:44:39 AM): Just confirming it. Just confirming that edumacated types have pre-verbal terms in their vocabulary.