If you ever begin to think your life sucks, a wise old man once told me, go to the net and behold the bounty of misery.  Here is an example of why Mama Janet tells people to abstain:

A Georgia judge ordered the release Monday of a man sentenced to 10 years in prison for consensual oral sex with a 15-year-old girl when he was 17,

Speaking of Our Lady of Ruhama and the Evangelical movement’s abstinence programmes, at what point does this other story end up reading like a guide to scoring with Christian babes?

A 19-year-old virgin walks into a bar. He’s got his lucky cross in his pocket and his best jersey on. Please God, he says to himself, let this be the night.

So many people agree that we are much too intelligent and sophisticated to be finding this stuff as funny as we do, but then we can’t help it. No, we cannot. weighs in on the issue.

Coming soon, with help from friends and colleagues, our lolbes!
Also, I thought you might like to know where Iwaya and Ish are going to end up in a few years..

Nigerian novelist Chinua Achebe won the 2007 Man Booker International Prize for fiction Wednesday.

By now it is apparent that I have nothing to write about. This is a completely new experience for me.

But, in the spirit of showing off the finest new blogs I can find before someone scoops me,

“We drink hard, play hard and pray harder.  We know how to have a good time whether we have lots of money in our pockets or we are surviving from hand-to-mouth.  Visitors to Uganda are struck by the smiles on people’s faces despite the evident poverty.”

I present to you, Ugandan Insomniac. Breakiddown!



  1. I’m about to take a cat, so I do check cats out when I can. But not lolcats2, because it may influence me to look at my cat as a drop-in replacement for comedy TV. Won’t be good, because I may have to set it on fire to … have a nice laugh! >:)

  2. Is there a law that regulates the usage of the internet…..there should be….Ernest, u can’t be there givin us cats to forward and make fun of our colleagues.

    U shd be surfing some other stuff…like………those that show appreciation for male and female anatomies. Or Sports Illustrated. Or CNN. Or

  3. I can’t believe you just made me read all those links! especially the one about religion and sex! eh! and damn it! you know how many new bloggers i had already linked up? you just need to check me out, i’m way ahead. okay, all that might not have made sense because i’m slightly exhilarated and everything is still sinking in.

  4. I only went to one link…the msn one and I got lost there, pissed about sthg else(chick dies in hospital lobby?) I generally would have never found. so I’ll read the rest of your brilliance tomorrow…even tho I did notice how you started with ‘um’
    promising innit?:)

  5. Hmm i am not surprised cats are weird but your internet access must be way beyond what MTN needs… Love the eye above

  6. Lucy, long time. And yes, my blog face is kindaprettyhot, eh? I will probably change it in less than two weeks.

    Joshi, dukesey, it isn’t the cats, it’s the captions.

    Cheri, who says I don’t surf other things? Just because I don’t link to Kimans– I mean to CNN, doesn’t mean I don’t surf there.

    Iwaya, for the kwanjularing issue, I know you have found more, but I do it with flair. Heh heh. Ah. Colleagues won’t wait for me to finish commenting. I’ll be back and we continue…

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