That’s Not Funny

I am reminded of an old joke that you may not laugh at. Because, frankly it isn’t that funny. A man is asked why he doesn’t go to church. He replies that he would like to go but, unfortunately, “it’s always full of Christians.”

It was a late evening at the office when Colleague I, in the way of kaboozi, asked if any of us had caught the Tyra Show last night. The guest on Tyra’s couch was a young man who had been beaten up by thugs because he was gay.

We all had reactions to that, but before anyone else could say anything, Christian Colleague II chirped up, with evident glee, “Yes. Serves him right. That’s how they should treat them.”

He insisted that he wasn’t joking.

Why are you Christians so mean?

Caveat: I claim poetic license and rhetorical latitude. I know there are millions of non-mean Christians. I am acquainted with several of them myself.
Okay, let me rephrase: How can a person touched by Christ be so meanspirited?



  1. See? I don’t go to church because it so full of Christians. That’s the truth.
    `Serves him right.’?
    Now you know why I can’t stand being called a Christian. Because, if `Christian’ refers to them, I am definitely on the opposite side. Someone who says that is worse than one hundred orgiastic homosexuals, because homos aren’t hypocrites, at least, and they are doing something caused by impulses they probably can’t do anything about. But `how can you say you love God – who you haven’t seen – and not love man – who you have seen?’ That’s in the Bible.
    Swing ye a Qur’an or a Bible, it don’t matter. It is what you do that matters. And the Pharisees are everywhere!

    I’m on the verge of blogging here, so lemme run off. Oh, and yes, why are you Christians so mean? All Christians are like that. All. That’s why I don’t want to be associated with them – I am not like that, even though I may be homophobic to some extent.

  2. how? maybe because he’s still a work in progress. He’s christian, not Christ. we are God’s children, meaning we are still growing. Not God’s adults.

  3. I have, over the past few days declared myself not Christian; not even worth the churches and temples. I need to emerse myself in exclusionism and the love for a deity, dogma and defencelessness. Then I will be Christian enough. Damn.

  4. ah! whatever! give christians a break. muslims, buddhists, hindus, aethists, agnostics and a whole bunch of other people do the same stuff every single day and i dont see any of you blogging or sharing jokes about them…

  5. Phantom, that one works when we are talking about smoking, drinking, fornication, loving that Jay-Z album (Reasonable Doubt) etc. Superficial things they call sin. Those are things that you overcome over time. But basic human decency? That one you either have or you don’t.

    You don’t need supernatural presence in your life to tell you that laughing at kids being beaten is not nice. And there is the problem.

    Christianity doesn’t care about being nice, or basic human decency. These things are almost dirty words in the church. They call it “works” and throw it out. And yet what was Jesus’ ministry about if not telling us to try and treat each other with more kindness?

    Christianity isn’t about Christ anymore.

    Agnostic: The reason I mentioned Christians, is personal. I have a relationship with Christ and it offends me to see his name abused. If I knew Muhammed, I would blog about mean muslims.

  6. yeah, there are those ol’ skool chrristians like my aunt who made me terrified of getting saved. forget the fact that if i got saved satan would be jobless. it’s indeed not funny how they see things. but not all chrristians, the new school ones, i know a couple, are aight. they understand human nature and don’t shove salvaation down your throat with a huge spoon.

  7. hmm, if youre a true christian you’ll try your damnest to do as God would have you do.Whatever it was that was guiding your collegues reaction..i doubt it was Christ like.God is love no room for mean spiritedness in there, and if our actions to others dont stem from this then we’ll be held accountable.But, humans a.k.a your collegue will always dissapoint, so you let God deal with them, and you do what you got to do by him methinks.

  8. Modo, there are a million of people with beautiful souls who you look at and just silently thank God for. Even though most of them have no idea how much the divine shines through them. If you look enough, you will see that true christians are not just aight, they are a profound blessing to everyone they touch.

    mamashady, God is love. That’s what so many people forget.

    So this is not Christian bashing. I just think we need to try harder. And remember it is what would JESUS do, not What would Pat Buchanan do.

    Dm, what’s with bringing the eighties back?

  9. The people who have hurt me the most and done the most horrific to me are ‘Christians.’ The ones I call Pharisees. Incidentally, the ones who have been a blessing to my life are not Christians. How can a person touched by Christ be so mean-spirited?

  10. You see,the Christian kaboozimate said they deserve such,because hmmmnn,thats what they actually derseve.Yeah! according to the Bible,in Leviticus 18:22…….

  11. Didn’t someone once beat up innocent traders who happened to be in church? I forget his name but it will come to me in a sec…..O yes! Christ! I mean Jesus Christ!!

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