Random Thuroggits

Uno: It is World Press Freedom Day. Fuck press freedom! Ban the Red Pepper, and throw all its staff down a well of roaches with teeth!

Dos: The Editor in Chief of Kenya and I are compiling a dictionary of new cusswords.
“Prezzo” is one of them.
It means repugnant beyond belief, repulsive beyond redemption.

Three: That I hear:
“I measure whether the lake is worthy of wading or not on the dead fish scale. Apparently this is wrong but I’ve done it since the ripe old age of seven circa 1994 when I was allowed to wade into the lake on my own and found a fish, head all mashed floating right by my waist. Needless to say, it ruined that outing. How can you pretend to be the Little Mermaid when Flounder’s head is missing?”

And finally, I would like to share this very pretty picture which The New Vision gave me permission to blog.



  1. i had about three paragraphs to leave here but got to run…can’t help but ask this though: who’s kissing whose a**? pray tell!

  2. Ei, naawe. I’m dying to believe that shot was just taken at an unbecoming time and angle. Because, eh!

    To North Korea with press freedom! All I will support is the freedom to be a biased, naïve and stupid and still get a story on some front page, somewhere.

  3. am not on the run right now so here goes… i noticed i was chosen template expert in absentia so let me look at what you have now…
    (adjusting her specs and squiting her eyes in concentration…Baz holding his breathe…)

    hmmm…this is not bad.but let me tell you what we(ladies) do…we shop before we buy.window shopping that is.of course it is some what tiring but it is fun.that is how we make the clothes we buy look good and the people we hang with look good.don’t ask me how Straka does it…
    so you look look around around and when you you make up your mind, choose.something good.and that will save me from just commenting on template.

    my two pense

  4. Freedom aint free bruh. Big price we pay for it. Like Red Pepper….loss of morals!

    Have u seen that Prezzo picture with his teeth so frozen…..one word screams out loud. WANNABE!

  5. Heaven, tell me what you think of the next one.

    27, Kissyfur, and Cheri, that is one of my favourite non-Halle Berry photos in the world.

    Still can’t believe how everyone managed to avoid the obvious Kiss My Ass comment…

    KC, should we put Dennis on The List? I mean, he has admitted it right there. Not only has he admitted to reading illitracy, he LIKES Prezzo. No jury in the world…

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