Deep chaps

You know those things of being when you are intellectual and intelligent and capable of discussing current affairs in the fashion typical of the intelligentsia, you know those things?

Okay, some of you know them. Now, for those of you who don’t know, every Friday, while you are busy polishing your dancing shoes in preparation for your raid on Alzwizi, deep chaps are tuning into KFM radio to listen to a show called The Hot Seat.

The Hot Seat is a a panel of journalists who discuss the issues of the week. Warren, Mabira, Somalia, Umeme, UBHH, when is Rev going to get a haircut cos it is beginning to look like a fluffy black ogre is trying to swallow him head first, and other pressing affairs.

Okay, just kidding about the last one, Rev. Don’t cut it. Keep it lavish and wild and absolutely impregnable the way it is; the barbers’ nemesis, the nightmare of scissors everywhere.

For those who don’t know what this Rev hair is of which I speak, this is what it looks like.

Guy who has hair like Rev.

Now, The Hot Seat: The panel does includes the flagrantly sexist Murray Oliver, but it compensates with other brains that are better-endowed, such as those of Paul Busharizi, Angelo Inzama, Timothy Kalyegira, Charles Mwangusha, Onapito Ekomoloit and, of course, Dennis Matanda.

I bumped into Angelo Inzama over the weekend. You know how I roll. I bump into stars like that. What? Don’t hate me, hate the game.

The following disussion ensued:

Baz: Hi Angelo.

Inzama: Hi. How is Vision?

Baz: The usual. Mumble. Gwe, what happened to that chick you guys brought on?

Inzama: (Something about the attempt to balance the panel in terms of gender distribution by bringing on a female journalist. Nothing committal about the fate of the woman who was on the other week.)

Baz: You guys should get my former landlady on there. She does NOT know how to shut up. (I used to rent a house from FDC deputy spokesperson Sara Epenu. You know how I roll.)

Inzama: (Again, something small-talk and non committal)

Baz: (Little rant about Oliver and his dumb-ass remark he made the other week. Stop short of threatening him with violence.)

Inzama: (Wisely refuses to agree with me, but also, I note, does not defend the heinous Oliver.)

Then Inzama turns back to his website.

Inzama: So Eritrea has pulled out of IGAD?

Baz: Conductor, ku stage aawo. Conductor nvaamu…



  1. I-ha-ha. Aha! Oooooh! [As in, that kind of ululation the slum Mamas let of, to parody an ecstatic laugh …]

    Mbu my hair is like Huey’s? Kyokka, Baz!

    Wait ’til I and I do the dread. Until then, though, I’ll enjoy striking fear in the hearts of all who dare look into the gaze of the … gorgon? Am I that horrible? :’o(

  2. Cheri and Aseu, I wasn’t trying to get out of boring conversation. I had to run away. I couldn’t even remember what IGAD was.

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