Sapatu, sandals and slippers. For crying out loud.

Looks like there was a sale on Bourgeoisie Bigot juice at dude’s local supermarket.

If you’re too lazy to click the link, basically it is some hack’s rant about backpackers and the way they dress. The fact that they do not clad like the cast of a Puff Daddy video, but instead wear what he calls “bathroom slippers” and T-shirts irks him particularly.

First of all, no one wears bathroom slippers on the streets of Kampala. I’ve seen backpackers’ feet. Those guys wear sandals. Sandals which are designed for walking on streets. By Nike.

Now, who else wears sandals and t-shirts? Let’s see… hawkers, turnboys, shoeshines, the guy who sells airtime, the taxi people… the writer takes umbrage in the fact that tourists dress– like members of the working class.

This he calls “littering” the city.

Oh, so now we are litter? Snob-ass.

He claims that if a black chap walked through London or the US in a t-shirt and sandals he would be locked up in a mental hospital. I didn’t read the rest. I gave it to the “litter” who works as our askari/caretaker/odd job man when he came by to collect the garbage.

Just because boda boda are the scum of the earth, that doesn’t mean we should be scornful of everyone who dresses like them.

Otherwise, you guys, how are you?



  1. Owaye, kati nange nkyadde ko wanno.
    I often see backpackers in sapatu, pink Umoja flip flops if you like, and T-shirts with holes, but well that’s their business.
    The only time I hahad was when one slept at my house and after just one bath, left the white towel positively black with I don’t know what grime.

  2. Obviously the guy who is ranting and raving does not have his own personal tailor and of course, his personal time. What people do in their own space and time should not be the preserve of another dude. I am going to this link and will probably come back with an insult for him – something like nincompoop!

  3. Ok, first things first….and fast….Welcome back Minty! I presume we should be bringing over our gifts from the orient. We three kings…. I’m bringing the Frankenstein…. Baz shd bring the myrr(sp).

    @Baz, this reminds me of “Brian Cohen”. Lol

    So anyway, back to the post…..I think Ivan should read this! He has this whole sandal/slipper thing goin on.

  4. Nice tag for this here bugger. STHU. As in, I am on the verge of taking to slippers, too! And I mean Umoja flip-flops. Umm … that the dressing I’d have on, by the way. Nudist impulses, I mean. :oD

    Nice noo theme, by the way.

  5. Minty, how did that one get into your house?

    Do I live such a sheltered life? I haven’t seen Sapatu anywhere in years! But at risk of having you guys dent my ire even more with your superior experience, are Sapatu really bathroom slippers? Us we never used to wear them in the bathroom.

    Cheri, If you bring Frankenstein, I will bring Miraa. We will both be bounced at the door. I think the Mintys got a bouncer after the episode of the backpacker who ruined their towel.

  6. *Frankincense* hehehe

    Thanks Baz.

    Guess what, this is the only blog that can allow my comments. Blogger is feeling bombastic. I can’t even opent the comments box!

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