Looks like there was a sale on Bourgeoisie Bigot juice at dude’s local supermarket.

If you’re too lazy to click the link, basically it is some hack’s rant about backpackers and the way they dress. The fact that they do not clad like the cast of a Puff Daddy video, but instead wear what he calls “bathroom slippers” and T-shirts irks him particularly.

First of all, no one wears bathroom slippers on the streets of Kampala. I’ve seen backpackers’ feet. Those guys wear sandals. Sandals which are designed for walking on streets. By Nike.

Now, who else wears sandals and t-shirts? Let’s see… hawkers, turnboys, shoeshines, the guy who sells airtime, the taxi people… the writer takes umbrage in the fact that tourists dress– like members of the working class.

This he calls “littering” the city.

Oh, so now we are litter? Snob-ass.

He claims that if a black chap walked through London or the US in a t-shirt and sandals he would be locked up in a mental hospital. I didn’t read the rest. I gave it to the “litter” who works as our askari/caretaker/odd job man when he came by to collect the garbage.

Just because boda boda are the scum of the earth, that doesn’t mean we should be scornful of everyone who dresses like them.

Otherwise, you guys, how are you?