Warren is a selfish bastard

He does have every right to go to the post office; he is still a free citizen of Uganda (despite our constant efforts to change that). But he knows what happens when he goes gallivanting down Kampala Road. He knows what happens. Businesses and innocent passersby get upfucked by rioters, that is what happens.

He knows this.

He knows that we had a riot just five days ago. Anyone with any sense of what is kind and compassionate would have waited until, I don’t know, a couple of weeks before going about inciting more ruckus. You know, give the peaceful portions of the populace some breathing space, some time to buy shoes, eat burgers, visit the bank, those things, just a couple of weeks, but that is a bit too much to ask, isn’t it, Warren? You want to lead the country, but you can’t even think about its bupeople a little bit, so busy with your own agenda?

Selfish shit.



  1. Lemme just copy-and-paste some comment I just pushed somewhere else:

    Okay, you know, the thing is that when the West sees a riot in Africa, they rush to say it is a righteous bunch of political activists facing off with a dictatorial regime. And this opposition knows it, so they just try to inspire as many riots as possible, even though they are wrong most of the time.
    Like, that Mabira thing wouldn’t have degenerated if the (opposition) leaders of the rally had stuck to the designated route. But being a rebel-rouser sells big in some ways, and they know it. So they do it.

    For one, I don’t think I’d ever use tear gas, because it is against the point of getting the idiots and sparing the sane. I’d either use more-selective stuff, or just [toot!]in’ shoot the heck out of them all. With rubber bullets, of course.

    Besigye is saying that stuff so that people like you can say he is a tough cookie. He is, of course, successful in most of his schemes, evil or not, which improves my respect for him.

  2. Only I think such stuff is the very small price we pay for living in a country (and, in general, a part of the world) where the opposition is perceived as a collection of holy souls that never do enough wrong to deserve anything less than … what is it they usually don’t get? Where you aren’t allowed to blame the opposition, which would automatically make you an anti-democratic, pro-despotism idiot who has been paid to do PR for the `regime´. Funny how in-place and normal it sounds to say `regime´ of an African government. But when Borat said it of the Bush government, it looked weird.

    Borat deserves a pedestal.

  3. Some Kenyan dude told me to quit blogger and move on to WordPress……(tallb.worpress.com) and I scoffed at him….

    But seein how blogger is getting more disappointing….I just might make the move.

    Besigye is an attention freak. He lives for it. Why else would he display his black face everywhere there are cameras…. And he don’t see that he causes chaos everywhere he goes.
    And to think I almost voted for the guy.

    Ernecht, is it easier to comment from this site?

  4. Yes, why couldn’t he wait? Do you know that the guy who was supposed to sell me my original copy of Pacino’s Scarface has disappeared because of these riots? And he used to hang around Christ the King. Damn you Warren, disappear like Warren G!

  5. Thank you Joshi. But please, mind your language and say the word in full next time.

    Twennyseven: that’s what Kelly said. (http://kellyuganda.livejournal.com/94372.html)

    She also said: “This is not a group of middle to upper-class suburban white kids stretching their political muscles during college then going back to their vegan cafes to discuss future consciousness raising sessions. These are rowdy disgruntled boda boda drivers with NOTHING else to do and no money looking for trouble.” Now I’m using other people’s posts as my comments.

    Cheri, it looks good so far. But lemme first confirm-confirm. I had trouble uploading a picture yesterday. A picture of the Bastard. Yeah, I said it again.

    Iwaya, dude, I was supposed to be getting the Boondocks from post office that very day. Instead look.

  6. Revolution, I know what you are thinking. I swear I can’t explain how it happened. I must have been very tired to get Kelly’s post and your comment mixed up in my mind.

  7. “Bastard”???….u guys ain’t nice pips.
    u should hav atLEAST called the guy an……ASSHOLE!

    isn’t he sposed to be in hospital saving lives? but instead his ass is on the streets helpin the goverment spend on importing teargas and kiboko,…then he gon go on tv crying en shit, jus like abitch, bitch!
    i call that-ambitions beyond the capacity of his talent!

    ya u guest rite… i HATE his guts.

  8. Yes – Warren is some kind of numbskull – and maybe he is doing this for the attention he needs at the moment. BUT People … Come on. I know what an inconvenience it is to be in the middle of a riot – my silver gray got a long scar on the side and I lost a side mirror! Again, that sucks. However, these are important times for us. This is not about the Importance of Being Earnest. This is a lesson in the Third World. And before any of you jumps at me, I can assure you that one day, this economy will be doing better – and maybe, more people will come back to do their business here.

  9. “Numbskull” Thank u, Dennis Matanda, for that.

    Back when I still went to primary school I (along with many others) pronounced that word as “Namscat”

    Thanks. Again

  10. @ed-slah, you are right. This is no time to bite tongues. Bitch.

    @Dennis, I am going to get tired of conceding points to you one day. Not yet, but if you keep puncturing my indignation with insights like that… Change has to come, but I really would rather the revolution were televised, so I could catch it on CNN in the comfort of my own home, instead of being in the middle of it.

    @Magi, more are coming.

    @Cheri , did you ever hear dumbnuts/numnuts/numbnuts/dumnuts? Whole controversy.

  11. as if this is nice oba? lemme see how it goes wit yáll. Not finding problems with blogger but i could get converted.

  12. this is like a good deal. oba i join? anyway, blogger’s not bugging me that much yet but i could get converted. enjoying this.

  13. At first I was wondering who the hell this Warren G was..tehhehee!!! very funny Baz. Come up with suggestions on how best we can make Warren disappear.

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