He does have every right to go to the post office; he is still a free citizen of Uganda (despite our constant efforts to change that). But he knows what happens when he goes gallivanting down Kampala Road. He knows what happens. Businesses and innocent passersby get upfucked by rioters, that is what happens.

He knows this.

He knows that we had a riot just five days ago. Anyone with any sense of what is kind and compassionate would have waited until, I don’t know, a couple of weeks before going about inciting more ruckus. You know, give the peaceful portions of the populace some breathing space, some time to buy shoes, eat burgers, visit the bank, those things, just a couple of weeks, but that is a bit too much to ask, isn’t it, Warren? You want to lead the country, but you can’t even think about its bupeople a little bit, so busy with your own agenda?

Selfish shit.